Matrix has elevated our ability to identify top talent for our organization. The format was interactive, engaging, and relative to our real-life experiences. One of the best events on recruiting and hiring that I have ever participated.

LIGER Interviewing Instrument and Pre-Hire Competency Analytics

Hire the best candidate. This talent selection and interviewing instrument is scientifically proven to reduce the mistakes made during the interview process. It is calibrated to the best in your industry and your organization and provides three key outputs candidate benchmarking against 15 critical personality competencies customized interview questions specific to the candidate and insights on how the candidate would like to be managed.

Interviewing and Hiring Top Performers

The cost of a bad hire is between 238-350k and the loss goes beyond just training and lost opportunity. Can your organization afford that Eliminate poor hiring decisions by ensuring hiring managers are prepared to conduct interviews that truly identify the real candidate provide an accurate comparison to identify and select top performers focus on hiring for culture to identify candidates that will thrive in your organization. Includes organization-specific interview guide.

MX Talent Index

The war for talent and talent scarcity is real. This automated process casts a wider net to identify potential candidates while reducing costs by leveraging proven and powerful behavioral predictive performance dimensions for your industry.