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Matrix Achievement Group leverages the latest research on the neuroscience of “how learners learn” and “how buyers buy” to create highly engaging and tailored live training, simulations, remote development, and reinforcement in order to accelerate talent development. Our timely training programs address the changing needs of your organization and are customized based on the results of the Training Needs Assessments/SalesForce Diagnostic.  Matrix will custom design training programs to improve the skills of your workforce, increase engagement, improve performance to help your company reach your goals.

Our programs are delivered by former sales executives, industry experts and adult-learning professionals with expertise in organizational development.


MX®: The Best Presenter

According to research, 95 percent of all thoughts, emotions, and learning occur before we are even aware of it.  This makes it invaluable to understand how your audience will react to the information you are sharing and adapt your delivery for maximum impact. This program uses neuroscience to transform the messenger AND the message by understanding the motivations, obstacles, and perspective of your audience. Download Brochure



UVIVE® Powering U - the Science of Resilience and Thrive

Optimize the inner game in order to maximize the outer game.

Matrix is grateful for the opportunity to help so many Fortune 500 companies move the needle on performance. For the past 19 years, our reputation has been built on our results. We are humbled and to report the following statistics:

  1. 91% of learners have stated “best ever” training
  2. 93% client retention (over 19 years)
  3. Award-winning innovation related to the modern learner

The real key to our success is YOUR SUCCESS. To make that happen our key slogan is Inspiring Learners. Driving Results.

Another element of Matrix providing relevant solutions is the fact that we can’t rest on past success. Below is a new EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE solution that has been on the cover of industry magazines.

UVIVE® Powering U - the Science of Resilience and Thrive. Optimize the inner game in order to maximize the outer game. The fountainhead of performance is ENERGY. Lack of energy causes the lack of perception; focus; passion; hope; discernment; innovation; creativity and decision making. The UVIVE® program provides a guided journey that allows participants to harness and expand energy through 4 steps: Aware. Architect. Aim. Actionalize™. Subject matter experts (Ph.D.’s; international speakers; certified specialists, etc.) share the proven, practical and powerful research and workshops for creating more personal energy. The program synthesizes and simplifies the multi-disciplines of: public health; US Military; leading academic institutions; and Medicine.  This is a 4 part webinar program that involves 2-hour sessions once a week for 4 weeks.  This is NOT JUST FOR SALESPEOPLE. Companies are inviting employees from all departments to participate in this program.

UVIVE® Video


Trust TreatsTM

How do you compress trust in a trustless world? This four-hour workshop explores the following: 


Solutions Samples


  • MX ManagerTM (80 microlearning skills library)
  • MX Sales CoachTM (98 microlearning skills library)
  • The Best SellerTM 
  • NegotiationsTM
    • U VIVE®
  • Psychology of Influence
  • Matrix Complex SaleTM
  • Executive Level Conversations
  • Impacting Inside Sales
  • The Best PresenterTM
  • Territory Planning / Growing Your Business
  • Hunters, Inc
  • Consultative Selling - Selling the 3 Dimensions of Value
  • Evidence-Based Selling - The Art and Science of Presenting Whitepapers
  • Train the Trainer
  • Sales Optimization
  • Field Mentoring
  • Selling with Emotional intelligence (EI)
  • Customized Sales Programs - Maximize all Customizations
  • Performance Coaching I
  • Performance Coaching II
  •  Customized Management Programs
  •  Trust Treats®
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