Sales Skills

Amazing! The best course I have ever had! I was in the 20% that didn’t want to be here, but your trainer moved me into the other 80% who were excited to be in attendance.

The Best Seller™ - The Neuroscience of Selling Series

Sales success is no longer predicated solely on building relationships. Research into the neuroscience of decision making has revealed how and why customers buy and the brains impact on that process. Matrix’s proprietary content provides insights that develop sales teams’ skill and create a competitive advantage. The Best Seller™ series includes:

• The Conversational Sales process – Mastering the art of the sales conversation.

• The Psychology of the Sale – How to adapt the conversations based on identifying the customers personality and overcoming their pain points.

• Competitive Selling – Selling value through competitive differentiation.

Negotiations - The Neuroscience of Negotiations

Reduce discounting by increasing the competence and confidence of your sales team. Develop negotiations awareness and an ability to create and capture value in the new selling environment more effectively. Learn about the games that buyer’s play.

Strategic Value: Selling to Executives

Are your sales professionals speaking clinical/technical language to strategic buyers? Tailor the approach and value proposition to match how executives evaluate opportunities. Increase competence and confidence when meeting with these strategic, non-technical decision makers.

The Matrix Complex Sale™

Navigate and win an opportunity that involves influencing multiple decision makers. Provide your team the insights needed on how to increase pipeline forecasting, compress the sales cycle, and increase their odds of winning a deal.

Competitive Selling

Features and benefits will not convert competitive accounts. Are your salespeople aware of the psychological barriers that impede the buyer’s motivation to change?

Consultative Selling

Move from being a transactional salesperson to being a trusted advisor. Become proficient at understanding and communicating the 3 Dimensions of Value that help accelerate the sale.

Hunters, Inc.

Address the importance of territory planning to grow your business. Understand how to sell to multiple customers that are buying based on multiple objectives and/or criteria, and how to avoid the 3 sins of time management.

Presentation and Facilitation Skills

71% of human communication is non-verbal. What are the keys to being able to Engage, Command and Inspire your audience and buyers into action? Moving beyond presentation skills, this program helps you become a better facilitator and how to use PPT or multi-media while holding their attention.


How do you move from knowledge to behavior change? Research has proven the answer is relevant practice. Matrix develops and delivers world class simulations that are engaging and effective but, more importantly, they dramatically increase probability of success.

MX Talent Index

The war for talent and talent scarcity is real. This automated process casts a wider net to identify potential candidates while reducing costs by leveraging proven and powerful behavioral predictive performance dimensions for your industry.

Virtual Selling

Are your salespeople adept at selling in the new virtual environment? This program develops the skills needed to navigate and manage the new selling environment and its unique demands.