Management Development

The Matrix facilitator is the best I’ve encountered. Pointed, thought provoking, meaningful takeaways. I learned several things and I’ve been managing people for 25 years.

Leading, Managing, and Coaching

Addressing one of the biggest gaps in organizations today that leads to missed objectives and undesirable turnover: a lack of leadership/management competency. Over 16 modules available to build a customized program to meet specific organizational needs.

Performance Coaching I & II

Time tested core modules that help managers understand how to drive performance while retaining key talent. These programs provide a common language and process for developing teams.

Interviewing and Hiring

The war for talent and talent scarcity is real. This automated process casts a wider net to identify potential candidates while reducing costs by leveraging proven and powerful behavioral predictive performance dimensions for your industry.

Leadership Readiness

Are prospective managers ready to lead, or do they present a risk if promoted? This program helps evaluate the management potential for prospective managers and hi-potential employees.

Leading Change Management/ Coaching Behavior Change

Our environment is constantly changing around us. Change is the single greatest challenge every leader will face. Learn the psychology and key mechanisms to drive effective change in your environment.

Emotional Intelligence

Employees leave their managers, not the company. Are your leaders able to understand the negative impact of their communication and attitude? Awareness of EQ has proven to be a differentiator for increased performance and employee achievement.

Field Sales Trainer (FST) Development

New hires will likely spend more time with their FST than their manager. Are your FST competent in understanding the modern learner, delivering effective training, and the best practices of coaching?

Presentation and Facilitation Skills

71% of human communication is non-verbal. What are the keys to being able to Engage, Command and Inspire your audience into action? Moving beyond presentation skills, this program helps you become a better facilitator and learning how to use PPT or multi-media while holding the audience’s attention.

Team Building: Cornerstone of High Performance

Dysfunctional teams are a reality, and the leader’s ability to identify and build a supportive team environment will determine its success or failure. Learn how to diagnose and then eradicate poor team dynamics.