Remote Development Reinforcement

Matrix Achievement has captured the best ideas and techniques used in the sales profession and managed to translate them into easy to apply fundamentals. I have since added many of the logical principles to my sales toolbox.

Training that “sticks”

How do you keep your salesforce focused on consistent behavior adoption and implementation of best practices? How do you create a culture of consistent skill growth? Matrix provides a systematic process for training reinforcement and behavior adoption.

The Best Seller Performance Reinforcement Package

Post training solutions that reinforce key concepts and support behavior change. These mechanisms for the salesforce include: email campaign to salespeople; additional coaching insights for sales managers; 24 “just in time” micro learnings (audio, video, pdf); and bi monthly newsletter.

MX Sales Coach

Provides competency-based “on demand” selling insights tailored to the individual sales professional and an automated resource for managers to develop their teams. Individual and team development plans are populated from a library of over 122 podcasts and are customizable to your selling environment.

MX Manager

Provides “on demand” development of the 20 most critical leadership/management competencies to leaders at all levels. Customized to your organizational priorities and competency models and includes over 70 micro learnings.

MX Allego

Keep up with market challenges by providing “just in time” simulation skills training that prepares your team for “real life” difficult conversations before they happen. Share best practices that ensure your professionals “Sweat in training so we don’t bleed in battle.”

Psychology of Influence

Do your non-commercial employees have the basic understanding and skills to interact with customers? This eLearning programs will prepare them to quickly connect with a customer based on their dominant communication style and understanding a human’s decision-making brain map.

Skill Lab Webinars for Sales

Select from 24 unique webinars that develop the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve success in today’s selling environment.

Skill Lab Webinar for Management

Select from 11 unique webinars that develop key management competencies.