Matrix Announces Industry Recognition for Innovation in Remote Development



Matrix Announces Industry Recognition for Innovation in Remote Development

Memphis, Tenn. (May 8, 2020) – The Matrix team is proud to share that LTEN, the Leading Life Sciences Networking Body, has announced Matrix Achievement Group as a finalist for an Industry Excellence Innovation Award related to its MX® remote development platform. “We are grateful to our clients for helping us be recognized as a finalist in this national competition. We feel that this recognition is commensurate with our client utilization averaging an ROI of $162ml.” 

“This recognition for our remote development solution is timely and speaks directly to our client-focused solutions that impact revenue. The Matrix team is proud to know the market appreciates a customizable and remote development platform that is proving to be a valuable resource for companies focused on driving results,” said Matrix Achievement CEO Todd Zaugg. “The MX®remote development platform addresses competency gaps specific to sales skills and leadership/management while delivering and integrating an automated personalized development plan with micro learning content. And these tools will gain immense traction in the Post COVID-19 world.”

The MX® tools platform was developed from the research on 11,000 sales professionals and over 100,000 managers:

  • Driven by customer needs for more robust remote development
  • An assessment in the platform provides management a snapshot of the greatest sales skill’s gaps in their organization
  • The platform is unique in the market in that it contains the actionable content needed to inspire learners to adopt new behaviors. Customers communicated that while there are numerous platforms available in the market, none of them contain the content needed. This places pressure on the customer to develop the best practices content, requiring significant time/resource/expertise not typically available.
  • The skills libraries contain more than 150 micro-learnings, spanning 20 sales and 18 management/leadership competencies. 
  • Content is delivered in an engaging micro-learning format including:
    • Skills topics
    • Expert interviews with industry leaders, functional experts including NASA astronauts, business leaders, major league sports coaches, etc.
    • Edutainment (key learnings from business and historical events presented in an entertaining and educational medium)
  • Although learner-driven, the platform sends automatic reminders to keep learners on track
  • The platform is fully customizable to both individual/organizational development needs and/or to match the organization's competency models
  • The platform provides sales management visibility to ROI by allowing learners to annotate the impact of the sales competency development on their results 

More about LTEN: The LTEN Excellence Awards recognizes the innovative and inspiring work of life sciences training professionals.  To be considered in the Innovation category, Matrix showed how they deployed innovative practices, processes and technologies in support of its client's learning programs through delivery of multiple engaging modalities. To be considered for the award, companies had to show they utilized a variety of training methods, including workshops, eLearning, mLearning, social collaboration tools and games.

Winners will be announced live at a June 9 Ceremony during  LTEN Connect.

Matrix is grateful for this recognition and for LTEN’s continued effort in bringing ongoing education to training professionals.


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