The Role of Curiosity in Sales

Often in sales, training takes place primarily during the on-boarding process. However, in an industry where the product, delivery, technology and process are always changing, companies must find ways to provide continuous training - conveniently and inexpensively.

Are Your Sales Professionals Curious?

Curiosity sometimes has a negative connotation... after all, they say curiosity killed the cat. In the sales industry, an inquisitive mind can separate a superior sales representative from an average one.

Why is it so important? Curiosity is vital to success in this industry because you want a team of people who will go the extra mile to know their clients, as well as the industry competition, who completely understand the product they are representing and the benefits it offers, all while constantly learning and re-examining their strategy.

Curiosity About Their Clients

The best sales professionals know that clients and potential clients deserve more than just a phone call with a rehearsed sales pitch. They recognize the importance of exploring client beliefs, challenges, what drives them, how they interact, and - most importantly - what they want to accomplish.

The superior sales person is ready to ask the right questions, and provide the right answers.

Curiosity About Their Product

A great sales professional is curious about the product they are selling. Medical devices are a perfect example of where the best representatives know the products inside and out and are able to confidently answer important questions like: How will these products help clients solve an issue or condition; How will these products help a client reach their ultimate goal - more effectively than any other product on the market.

A curious sales person doesn't have to read from a script or resort to a brochure during a sales pitch. Instead, they are ready to present a product they believe in, understand, and can accurately set the table for why it's the perfect fit for potential clients.

Curiosity for Learning More

A curiosity to learn is probably the most important part of sales. A superior sales person is always working to re-examine strategy, challenging themselves to do better and never accept the status quo. Curious sales people are interested in perfecting the profession of sales. Curiosity means a willingness to learn more about everything involved in making a sale, achieving more and beating their last best result.

Sales managers must also be ready to feed curiosity. This means constantly making new training and technology available to the team. Challenging your sales team is also important. Question their approach and sales methods. Work through and role play as often as possible to keep the wheels of curiosity spinning, keep the information fresh and innovative.

Recruiting, Identifying, and Hiring Curious Sales Professionals

When building a sales team, hiring managers typically have a set criteria they use to recruit, but an often overlooked personality trait is inquisitiveness. For hiring managers, it could be tough to sort through a list of qualified candidates to find the ones who will be the most curious. Inserting a few questions, or even an exercise in the interview process could help.

Ask the candidates a question about how they have helped themselves. For example, Forbes Magazine suggests asking, "Tell me something you have taught yourself in the last six months. How did you go about teaching yourself this new skill or idea, and what was the result?"

Additionally, you could give the prospective candidate a task that includes online research and the requirement to explain their process for arriving at the answer.

Finally, it's always important to ask the candidate if they have any questions. The most curious candidates will ask the most detailed questions.



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