Blog 2/14/2018

Since today is often called a "Hallmark Holiday," we thought we'd take a look at the man behind the brand that's powerful enough to create and sustain an $18+ billion holiday! We love the story of how J.C. Hall built his company from door-to-door sales from a shoe box into the empire that it is today. Many of the lessons gleaned from his amazing journey align with our philosophy at Matrix and we hope you feel encouraged and inspired by his story too! 

News 9/26/2017

Matrix Achievement Group Announces the Addition of Neuroscience: Best Presenter™ to Their Robust Suite of Services

Matrix Achievement Group, LLC, a global leader in sales force effectiveness, announces the addition of Neuroscience: The Best Presenter™ to their comprehensive portfolio of assessments, live training, and mobile solutions. 




News 5/12/2017

5 Sales Leadership Tips That Help Inspire People To Drive Results 

Training more than 40,000 learners, from some of the biggest brands on the plant, has given our CEO Todd Zaugg a level of expertise that few can match. He recently shared his top leadership tips for inspiring sales performance with Forbes.

Blog 3/31/2017

eLearning Benefits the Individual, Team and Company

Often in sales, training takes place primarily during the on-boarding process. However, in an industry where the product, delivery, technology and process are always changing, companies must find ways to provide continuous training - conveniently and inexpensively.

News 3/17/2017

A Training Expert's Perspective: A Q&A with Todd Zaugg

Successful training hinges on trainee engagement. Training professionals must work to ensure that trainees are relating to and engaging with powerful materials. This builds confidence and boosts retention throughout the training process. Thanks to Q1 Productions for interviewing our CEO and featuring him in this piece. Read more about his insights on engaging training audiences, here.

News 3/7/2017

The Role of Curiosity in Sales

Are you asking the right questions? Curiosity is vital to success in this industry because you want a team of people who will go the extra mile to know their clients, as well as the industry competition, who completely understand the product they are representing and the benefits it offers, all while constantly learning and re-examining their strategy.

News 3/28/2016

Allego Announces Strategic Partnership with Matrix Achievement Group to Deliver Mobile Video Coaching to Sales Teams

Global Sales Consulting Firm Leverages Allego Technology to Deliver Just-In-Time Sales Enablement and Training Solutions to Clients

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